"Creature From The Vinyl Lagoon" Zine

Starring Sasha Velour, Miss Malice, and K.James, "Creature From The Vinyl Lagoon" tells the story of a terrifying amphibian creature from the deep who crawls out of hiding to go on a chill and glamorous vacation with her friends.

The photos are a collaboration with Mettie Ostrowski and were shot on location in the Catskills. Cover illustration by Gina Piersanti.

Profits from the sale of this project will benefit The Queer Detainee Empowerment Project's Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund for LGBTQIA+ Migrants


  • 8.25" x 10.7"

  • 16 pages, Full Color

  • Photos, Mettie Ostrowski

  • Design, Sasha Velour
  • Cover Illustration, Gina Piersanti

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