Velour: The Drag Magazine [Collector's Edition]

At 300 pages, entirely ad-free, Velour: The Drag Magazine [Collector's Edition] is as much an art book as a magazine. Designed by Velour in her signature style, it features illustrations, collages, fashion editorials, poems, interviews, and essays by over 75 queer artists and drag performers from around the world. Since it's inception in 2013, the magazine has been dedicated to showcasing the work of drag queens and drag kings, queer, trans, AFAB, and non-binary drag artists from all backgrounds. 

This new collector's edition, which compiles all 3 issues of Velour for the first time, showcases House of Velour's dedication to celebrating every drag artist who dares to create work that pushes boundaries in both queer and mainstream culture. Now larger and in hardback form, the compiled issues of Velour are a comprehensive study of the complex and varied nature and vision of drag today.

Sasha Velour, Artistic Director  

Johnny Velour, Editorial Director

  • Hardcover
  • 9.25" x 11"
  • 300 pages, Color, Offset Printed

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